Wedding Bells

I went to my brother and his new fiance's engagement party over the weekend.  Anh was wearing a cute bedazzled white cocktail dress and it got me excited to see what her wedding dress will be!  You can tell a lot about women by their wedding dress.  Even if you think you know someone, and then you go to their wedding and she starts coming down the aisle in-  REALLY??!  Wow interesting...hmmm.  Ok then.  That's cool I guess.  Whaaaat?  You dreamed of this?!  Stop judging.  I just, I can't.

Same with the makeup.  Ladies, your wedding day is not the time to try out dark Sacagawea brows for the first time!!!

I'm not married so what do I know right?  Watch me get nervous and pick the most hiddy dress ever!  Seriously though, Anh will look gorge and I can't wait for their wedding.

Some wedding inspiration...

me at most weddings...

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