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Fall into Autumn

It's that time of year again...holidays, sweater weather, white peppermint (crack) mochas, and FASHION.  I love fall and anyone who knows me knows I turn into a pumpkin in summer (kind of ironic?).  I am not compatible with summer.  I have oily skin and frizzy hair and I sweat a lot.  Summer magnifies all of that and I'm just a homely mess so I don't even try!  I pretty much hibernate like the grizzly bear I am... until that first cool, crisp breeze flutters across my flip-flop wearing toes.  Then I beeline to Nordstrom and shove my goose-bumped feet into the latest color of Hunter Wellies before you can say Doily!

Everyone say "Doily" 

Hunter Boots/Nordstrom

Balsamic Blueberry grilled cheese!!!

Chanel Paris 2013-14


Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2013

mini cakelets on Doilies!

Signature Necklaces/Brevity Jewelry


Sunnies & Swimwear

I've been dreaming of the beach today, and all the cute swimwear and accessories on my packing list for the next chance I get to escape!  So far nothing beach related is on the calender, so I am biding my time and doing lots of hiking and Pilates!  When my schedule opens up I will sure be ready...

Wildfox perfect

Zinke bikini- Shopbop

Striped Beach Towel

Retro Planet iced drinks tin signs

Folding wood beach chair

Wildfox mirrored sunnies

Beach Riot bikini

Madewell Southwestern simple and pretty for the beach!- only $8

Mara Hoffman bikini

Ray Ban mirrored sunnies

madewell ring


Product Placement

I am not selling you Perrier in these pictures.  I am tricking you into thinking I am so that you subconsciously look at my accessories!  I thought it would be fun to do some modeling with my new best friend, Grapefruit Perrier.  The bottle is so pretty it was begging for a photo opp. 

Seriously though, is that how advertising works?  When someone is obviously trying to sell you something, it is off putting.  So I wonder if they distract us with something so blatant we look the other way at the real thing they are trying to sell...  like at the grocery store, the aisles are filled with sale signs and price reductions that are obviously gimmicky so you know you don't need the products. Yet when you get to the checkout you find all the most delectable and tempting creations sitting quietly, not asking for a dime.  This, my friends, is where you splurge.

Speaking of grocery stores, I received a compliment on my new Joie perfume today in Whole Foods.  That made me happy.  It was from a man who allegedly wanted to buy it for his mom.  It is a sad day when you wear a new perfume and no one comments, no?

please excuse my chipped polish-
Essie nail polish in French affair

Jessica Elliott gold "spicy" necklace

Club Monaco top


Alexander Wang Rocco bag in black/rosegold

Marc Jacobs Katie small turnlock bracelet in rosegold

get the look

All the goodies!

Jessica Elliot spicy necklace