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Fall into Autumn

It's that time of year again...holidays, sweater weather, white peppermint (crack) mochas, and FASHION.  I love fall and anyone who knows me knows I turn into a pumpkin in summer (kind of ironic?).  I am not compatible with summer.  I have oily skin and frizzy hair and I sweat a lot.  Summer magnifies all of that and I'm just a homely mess so I don't even try!  I pretty much hibernate like the grizzly bear I am... until that first cool, crisp breeze flutters across my flip-flop wearing toes.  Then I beeline to Nordstrom and shove my goose-bumped feet into the latest color of Hunter Wellies before you can say Doily!

Everyone say "Doily" 

Hunter Boots/Nordstrom

Balsamic Blueberry grilled cheese!!!

Chanel Paris 2013-14


Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2013

mini cakelets on Doilies!

Signature Necklaces/Brevity Jewelry


My Little Photoshoot

My outfit today!  And it's cheap (except for the accessories).  I have a weakness for designer accessories -eek!  I find the cutest outfits are always a mix of low and high end.  I like to sneak some budget fashion jewelry into an otherwise expensive outfit or vice versa.  Sometimes I go head to toe forever 21 with chic handbag or sunglasses!  No one can ever tell the rest of your outfit is thrifty if you wear at least one nice item :).  Here is me and my outfit having fun with my new camera app on my phone.  I tinted all the pics! Enjoy

Striped baseball jacket-sold out! similar @Nordstrom
spike necklace-similar @Nordstrom only $8!
bracelet-Nordstrom only $12!
Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples
Striped hanging shirt-Joie @Nordstrom
Bag- Proenza Schouler Ps1 @Barney's


Chantecaille compact makeup review

My search for the perfect powder foundation for my oily skin is never ending!  No matter what I use my skin is an oil slick by the afternoon, and I usually do my first blot within two hours of application.  This doesn't bother me so much but the makeup tends to separate on my face throughout the day and look really cakey.  Primer does not fix this problem.  Also I have to powder it to keep the shine away and that just adds to the cakiness!  I am lucky enough to not suffer from pimples, but I have a lot of redness that I need to cover so I still need to wear foundation. 

After a long break from trying new products, I went on the hunt again because I got to the bottom of my bare minerals.  I looked on the Nordstrom website for the powder foundation with the highest customer ratings that I hadn't already tried.  I chose to splurge for the Chantecaille compact makeup because many reviewers had skin like mine and said it controlled oil pretty well.

Well I wore it for the first time today and I love it!  It does not provide a lot of coverage so I would recommend using it over something else if you need that.  However, it is somewhat buildable and I didn't put it on too thick because I just wanted even skin tone.  I am not wearing anything under it in the pictures FYI, just moisturizer.  I went a full three hours without blotting, and even then it looked light a slight dewy glow rather than oil slick. It also stayed intact when the oil came to the surface and it did not separate on my face!  The powder is very finely milled and it melts into your skin and hardly feels like makeup.  And the color matches my skin perfectly!  The color I am wearing is Bamboo.

The pic above in in direct sunlight, the harshest lighting.  It looks pretty good!

The pic above is in natural sunlight in my room.  My room lets lots of light in!

The pic above is in natural sunlight in my bathroom three hours after application.  My skin is hardly oily yet, just a soft glow!  This was before any blotting or powdering touch ups... I usually would have done two by now with other makuep!  It just looks like my skin but better.

Chantecaille @Nordstrom


Spring style wishlist

So I thought I'd share with you a few of the many, many, many clothing/fashion/style items on my spring wish list. I have an embarrassingly long bookmarks page on my computer strictly for fashion.  I add everything I want to my bookmarks when I'm shopping online, and then later I weed through it and narrow it down.  Even then, I realistically only purchase one to three items because I have expensive tastes : D.  It is really hard to figure out which three items to buy out of a list of 50!  It's exhausting but I have a passion for fashion what can I say.

*After I posted the first three items I noticed they were all pink. Unintentional.  So, I changed the post to Spring Pink!  Nothing says spring like a bright pop of pink!  I just compiled all of the pink items on my wish list...enjoy!

Dyptique Rose Duet candle @Nordstrom

I need this in my closet on my vanity tray!  It's so beautiful and I love all things rosy, pink and Parisian at the moment.  Plus it makes your clothes absorb the scent and smell delicious!  Dyptique makes the best candles too...

Coach Sunglasses @Nordstrom

I told you I liked pink!  How cute are these pink and leopard sunnies?!  They are retro and vintagey and chic and adorable all in one!  And yes I have a crush on Nordstrom if you couldn't tell.

Wildfox Sugar High Baggy Beach Jumper @Singer22

I love Wildfox.

Splendid Vintage Whisper Tee @RevolveClothing

Love Splendid Tees they are so soft and comfy!  This one comes in neon yellow and blue too and I want them all for Spring!  Time to spice it up and give the plain white tees a break...

Joie Wilmington Blouse @RevolveClothing

Ok so this is barely pink but I must have it!!!  like, yesterday.  If I get this though, I can get absolutely nothing else on my list.  Ahhh LOVE!

Yosi Samra Ballet Flats in Rose Gold @YosiSamra

I have these in black and they are amazing and come in so many colors.  I have my eye on these gorgeous rose gold ones! Check out the website you won't be able to choose!

Wildfox Tour Eiffel Hippie Crew @BoutiqueToYou
*seen on Emily Maynard

Oops! I already got this one :)  Hi from my couch!