Fall into Autumn

It's that time of year again...holidays, sweater weather, white peppermint (crack) mochas, and FASHION.  I love fall and anyone who knows me knows I turn into a pumpkin in summer (kind of ironic?).  I am not compatible with summer.  I have oily skin and frizzy hair and I sweat a lot.  Summer magnifies all of that and I'm just a homely mess so I don't even try!  I pretty much hibernate like the grizzly bear I am... until that first cool, crisp breeze flutters across my flip-flop wearing toes.  Then I beeline to Nordstrom and shove my goose-bumped feet into the latest color of Hunter Wellies before you can say Doily!

Everyone say "Doily" 

Hunter Boots/Nordstrom

Balsamic Blueberry grilled cheese!!!

Chanel Paris 2013-14


Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2013

mini cakelets on Doilies!

Signature Necklaces/Brevity Jewelry

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