Perfect Skin

Just a little juicy piece of beauty info today....There is an app now for perfect skin.  Really!!  Too bad it doesn't make your skin perfect in real life, but at least it will in pictures!  My sister shared this top secret info with me and it would be mean of me not to pass it on.  The app is called Perfect 365.  We can all have perfect skin in every photograph now without makeup!  Okay so it is somewhat deceitful I guess but who cares.  Every photo should pass through this app before making it to instagram.  wink wink :)

I have a full face of makeup on in these pics, but even makeup can't achieve the flawless airbrushed look the app gives you!  It did get rid of my mole though :(.  I like my mole!  It makes more of a difference if you apply it to a picture where you don't have makeup on.  I didn't want to scare anyone away though!  There are different makeup looks you can apply to your photo- the one that just improves your skin is called "natural" seen below.

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

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