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Chantecaille compact makeup review

My search for the perfect powder foundation for my oily skin is never ending!  No matter what I use my skin is an oil slick by the afternoon, and I usually do my first blot within two hours of application.  This doesn't bother me so much but the makeup tends to separate on my face throughout the day and look really cakey.  Primer does not fix this problem.  Also I have to powder it to keep the shine away and that just adds to the cakiness!  I am lucky enough to not suffer from pimples, but I have a lot of redness that I need to cover so I still need to wear foundation. 

After a long break from trying new products, I went on the hunt again because I got to the bottom of my bare minerals.  I looked on the Nordstrom website for the powder foundation with the highest customer ratings that I hadn't already tried.  I chose to splurge for the Chantecaille compact makeup because many reviewers had skin like mine and said it controlled oil pretty well.

Well I wore it for the first time today and I love it!  It does not provide a lot of coverage so I would recommend using it over something else if you need that.  However, it is somewhat buildable and I didn't put it on too thick because I just wanted even skin tone.  I am not wearing anything under it in the pictures FYI, just moisturizer.  I went a full three hours without blotting, and even then it looked light a slight dewy glow rather than oil slick. It also stayed intact when the oil came to the surface and it did not separate on my face!  The powder is very finely milled and it melts into your skin and hardly feels like makeup.  And the color matches my skin perfectly!  The color I am wearing is Bamboo.

The pic above in in direct sunlight, the harshest lighting.  It looks pretty good!

The pic above is in natural sunlight in my room.  My room lets lots of light in!

The pic above is in natural sunlight in my bathroom three hours after application.  My skin is hardly oily yet, just a soft glow!  This was before any blotting or powdering touch ups... I usually would have done two by now with other makuep!  It just looks like my skin but better.

Chantecaille @Nordstrom


False Eyelashes

My false eyelashes were begging for a photo opp.  Pardon the Zoolander face, I was trying to look seksi;  Isn't that what they're for?!  I haven't worn falsies since I was in makeup school and learned how to apply them.  The thought of ripping them off, along with my own eyelashes, is not appealing.

Yet here I am wearing them, always contradicting myself.  They
 made me feel really pretty and my eyes looked amazing.  There's a big but coming...

They aged me 10 years!  I don't care if a product has one hundred pluses and only one con.  If the con is it makes you look older, next!

***Stay tuned for my top ten fragrances***