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Today is The Spring Equinox aka the first day of spring, as well as International Day of Happiness!  I love the changing of the seasons because there is always an energy shift in the air that you can feel.  It's a good time to start new ventures and clear out anything bogging you down in life.  I also love all the flowers blooming when I go hiking!

It is appropriate that my first Birchbox came in the mail yesterday and I get to open it now!
That makes me happy.  What are you going to be happy about today?

March Birchbox


My model girlfriend

I've been cheating on Miranda and stalking Lily Aldridge photos recently.  I think it's because I bought Miranda's book and have been reading it nightly- and me and her are like an old married couple now.  I needed to spice things up.  Here is my fashion/beauty mistress Lily in these amazing shots by Terry Richardson!

and one with wifey because I feel bad

goodnight. xxx