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Models and Street Style at Paris Fashion Week

I love models.  I was supposed to be one until I topped out at 5'4" circa 1998.  I still hoped for a miracle and thought of starting Mini Models, INC.  I would become the next Kate Moss- pint sized!  But once I realized I was too short, there was the face issue.  So I abandoned my dreams and now live vicariously...

 Here are my favorites

models and street style at Paris Fashion Week 2013

^ Gotta love Chanel  ^
huuuuuuge purse!

Cara Delevigne


Kate Moss

Natalia Vodianova


My model girlfriend

I've been cheating on Miranda and stalking Lily Aldridge photos recently.  I think it's because I bought Miranda's book and have been reading it nightly- and me and her are like an old married couple now.  I needed to spice things up.  Here is my fashion/beauty mistress Lily in these amazing shots by Terry Richardson!

and one with wifey because I feel bad

goodnight. xxx