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Amalfi dreams

The weather has been warming up here in LA and has me dreaming of vacation time!  The Amalfi coast in Italy is on my European vacation hit is so beautiful and the views and scenery are breathtaking.  My dream is to stay in the Sirenuse hotel in Positano.  If I could sum up my ideal coastal getaway in pictures, here it is!  I hope all my dreams come true :)

where is your dream vacation?

The Sirenuse hotel...

the chic dress

tea time


the beach towels

the fragrance

the fun


summer nights out

the shoes (valentino)

and these! (chanel)


the vespa


The picnic

a blue door and window in Cetara, a small town along the Amalfi Coast.

the beach

the jewels

the crochet dress

the day trip

the end.


Paris Wanderlust

I'm planning a fashionable Paris Vacation in October for my 30th 25th birthday.  I am so excited to wear amazing clothes I can't wear here in LA because sweats and yoga leggings are the standard....if you look the slightest bit dressed up people stare at you like, she thinks she's so hot.  Meanwhile their private parts are discernible through their spandex and they think that's hot?! 

I'm also starting a list and a savings account for the glorious shopping spree to be had.  At the top of the list is a Chanel quilted handbag.  Probably black.  I've been lusting after it for years and think I could justify the cost (too much) if it was a "souvenir" from Paris.  Even though I could totally go get one here and be back in 45 minutes.  

What to wear in Paris...

me on my birthday! xx