H&M Spring 2013

You can shop online at H&M now...Where have I been?!  I wrote them off years ago when I kept going to the website to shop and they just had listings of store locations.  It is really hard to find cute clothes in your size in the retail store because their stuff is so affordable and in fashion that everything is always picked over! And they have a huge selection of styles; It is overwhelming sometimes.

After seeing a top I had to have from H&M in a magazine, I decided to hit up the website one last time.  To my surprise I found their clothes available online!!!  Best day ever. Xx

H&M Style Online


Models and Street Style at Paris Fashion Week

I love models.  I was supposed to be one until I topped out at 5'4" circa 1998.  I still hoped for a miracle and thought of starting Mini Models, INC.  I would become the next Kate Moss- pint sized!  But once I realized I was too short, there was the face issue.  So I abandoned my dreams and now live vicariously...

 Here are my favorites

models and street style at Paris Fashion Week 2013

^ Gotta love Chanel  ^
huuuuuuge purse!

Cara Delevigne


Kate Moss

Natalia Vodianova


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

As you know I'm currently obsessed with Paris, and there are too many fashion weeks to cover so I chose the highlights from the designer shows during Paris Fashion Week.  My favorites are the Balmain, Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant collections!  I love the bold patterns and prints at Balmain, as well as the structured cuts;  The makeup was soft and natural in contrast.  Enjoy these tidbits from the runways and backstage...

*images via style bistro*

Isabel Marant
*images via style bistro*

Saint Laurent
*images via style bistro*