Gettin' Nautical

Obsessed with anchors lately for some reason.  I was coveting a teensy tiny diamond and gold anchor pendant necklace from Nordstrom for the longest time.  It was definitely out of my price range so I had to distract myself somehow.  Turns out I fell (almost) equally in love with a $6 pair of tiny gold-tone anchor studs from Urban Outfitters.  See what happens when you learn to control impulse buys!  

Also I am getting a husky puppy dog in the near future and am naming him Sailor.  I don't know if that is why I am subconsciously drawn to all things nautical, or if his name was a product of my existing anchor fixation.  Which came first: the anchor or the sailor?

While I figure that out,
Come sail away!





Free People vintage tee

Take me aboard please!

pillow made from used sails

Baby slippers from Etsy

dog tag necklace, Etsy

ring, Etsy

monogram clutch, Etsy

Earrings, only $1.50 at Forever21

Shoes, Toms

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