Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

As you know I'm currently obsessed with Paris, and there are too many fashion weeks to cover so I chose the highlights from the designer shows during Paris Fashion Week.  My favorites are the Balmain, Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant collections!  I love the bold patterns and prints at Balmain, as well as the structured cuts;  The makeup was soft and natural in contrast.  Enjoy these tidbits from the runways and backstage...

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Isabel Marant
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Saint Laurent
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Scent of a Woman

I don't know why I haven't discovered Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume until now.  It's so good.  Like a warm, floral and delicious hug that lasts all day.  Like walking around in a hug.  Ok you get it.  I've been obsessed with gathering multiple perfumes because I wanted a chic perfume tray like I envision my French alter ego Natalia would have.  And I wanted it to be full!  Or else why have a tray?  I've sampled many perfumes in my haste to fill the tray, and it has inspired me to create my personal top ten women's perfumes list to share with you.  FYI, these are all classy perfumes, not your girly vanilla variety.  I have a special place in my heart for those too, but they do not belong on Natalia's womanly perfume tray.  If you want to smell like the most gorgeous, classy, sexy and well-dressed woman, wear these...

Top Ten Women's Fragrances
*These are not in order.  I adore them all equally*

1.  Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
2.  Givenchy Hot Couture
3.  Narciso Rodriguez For Her
4.  Burberry Burberry For Women
5.  Balenciaga Paris 'L'eau Rose
6.  Fresh Cannabis Santal
7.  Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
8.  Hermes Eau des Merveilles
9.  Cartier Baiser Vole
10.  I tricked you!  This slot is reserved for Proenza Schouler's upcoming fragrance :)


False Eyelashes

My false eyelashes were begging for a photo opp.  Pardon the Zoolander face, I was trying to look seksi;  Isn't that what they're for?!  I haven't worn falsies since I was in makeup school and learned how to apply them.  The thought of ripping them off, along with my own eyelashes, is not appealing.

Yet here I am wearing them, always contradicting myself.  They
 made me feel really pretty and my eyes looked amazing.  There's a big but coming...

They aged me 10 years!  I don't care if a product has one hundred pluses and only one con.  If the con is it makes you look older, next!

***Stay tuned for my top ten fragrances***


Wedding Bells

I went to my brother and his new fiance's engagement party over the weekend.  Anh was wearing a cute bedazzled white cocktail dress and it got me excited to see what her wedding dress will be!  You can tell a lot about women by their wedding dress.  Even if you think you know someone, and then you go to their wedding and she starts coming down the aisle in-  REALLY??!  Wow interesting...hmmm.  Ok then.  That's cool I guess.  Whaaaat?  You dreamed of this?!  Stop judging.  I just, I can't.

Same with the makeup.  Ladies, your wedding day is not the time to try out dark Sacagawea brows for the first time!!!

I'm not married so what do I know right?  Watch me get nervous and pick the most hiddy dress ever!  Seriously though, Anh will look gorge and I can't wait for their wedding.

Some wedding inspiration...

me at most weddings...